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Since 26-05-2018 the fishtest server stores the PGN files of played games, but only for a limited time: a few days for STC tests and a bit longer for LTC tests.

PGN files can be downloaded from each individual test page by clicking on the link under the Idx column for each games task assigned at the workers.
For a recent test the number of games in a PGN file depends on the number of cores of the worker and the test time control, for an older test the PGN file contains a fixed number of games.

Note that tuning games are NOT stored and that PGN files are not available until the games task is completed by the worker. If you try to download a non existing file you will get a 404-error.

All LTC games are archived in a compressed format (.bz2) on a Google drive:

Yearly collections are available as .zip: